Josephine Baudelaire
Josephine Baudelaire
Biographical information
Born: 7 years after the book, "The End"
Alias: Joe
Physical description
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Hair: Black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: White
Love Interests Gereld Mason

Josephine Baudelaire is on of the protagonist in "The New Series of Unfortunate Events"


Josephine is the daughter of Violet Baudelaire. She is the sister of Michael. When her mother, Violet, invested into the Baudelaire Fortune at age 18, she rebuilt the mansion that she and her sibling once lived. Also Violets siblings: Klaus and Sunny, moved into the mansion with them. Seven years after the last book of the Series of Unfortunate Events, Violet gave birth to Josephine and a year later, Violet gave birth to Michael.

When Josephine and Michael went to the beach they were informed by Mr. Lanking, "An unfortunate event has gust occurred..." "Your mother, aunt, uncle have been killed in a fire that has destroyed your entire home."

After the Second Baudelaire Mansion the orphans were sent to Glen Olaf(Count Olaf's grand-nephew). But he was gust like Count Olaf.


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